Functional solutions made from engineering plastics.

Quality enhancement through tool optimization.

A perfect product requires precise manufacturing, which we achieve through different components.

On the one hand, our understanding of mould construction is based on the technical tradition of the tool maker. On the other hand, we use the most recent CAD/CAM technology in order to fully exploit any possible development potentials.

All tools are manufactured by specialists on CNC machines of the highest quality and reproducibility, and with high productivity through cutting/eroding.


The manufacturing equipment.

With our manufacturing equipment:
one-component machines and two-component machines
Clamping force 350-5500kN
Injection weight 0.2-2,500 g

we guarantee a rational and environmentally friendly serial production, which will be continuously aligned with the most recent level of automation.

New investments in the best available technologies keep us up to speed and ensure technological advancement.

Statistically documented process controls of the quality-determining process parameters allow for maximum productivity and minimal waste quantities.

Our range of services also includes component assembly with its own fixture construction or the packaging of the finished product.

We use suitable printing methods for functional labelling or decorative designing.

Potraz has it!    And if we don't have it, we manufacture it!




As fast as lightning!

Due to our large storage capacities, we are able to ship your stored components within 24 hours.


Full Service.

Potraz Plastics Engineering does not only stand for the manufacture of thermoplastic synthetics.

We use suitable printing methods for functional labelling or decorative designing. Thus, with the final assembly, we come full circle with our Full-Service offers.

Feel free to speak to us, we're more than happy to advise you!