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The following pages are meant to provide you with an insight into our company.

We are confident that you will be won over as much by our performance as by our products.

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Potraz Kunststofftechnik GmbH

Am Maifeld 2a
59457 Werl
Telefon 02922 / 82892
Telefax 02922 / 82893


Perfection and profitability. 
The basis for customer satisfaction.

Our philosophy.

As a service provider, customer satisfaction is our top priority, along with the quality of our manufactured products.

We ship high-quality, thermoplastic synthetic material on schedule and following agreed-upon specifications.


Do you lack sufficient storage space? That's not a problem for us. We have enormous storage capacities and are able to store your manufactured materials and ship them to you within 24 hours, upon request.

Our trademarks are reliability, quality and profitability. These are indispensable for a long-term business relationship with extensive customer support.

Our image.

Potraz has been active in the world of synthetics since 1989.

Our range of industries is diverse and comprises, amongst others, automotive, sanitary, household, construction-industrial, electro-industrial and medical engineering.

Cross-industry experiences are therefore incorporated into all projects and processes.

Our experience therefore becomes your advantage. 
From the first draft, via construction, component analysis, choice of materials, and manufacture of prototypes, to component testing and quality assurance, we are a partner that knows its trade.

From the early stages of our projects, we see ourselves as a competent and active partner in the optimization and implementation of your objectives.

This results in competitively viable serial products with long-lasting chances of success.


We manufacture products ranging from 0.2 to 2,500 g.

Our employees

In spite of all this technology, what truly counts are the people

Our employees are the basis of our company, and we view and esteem them as such.

Through continuous training, we urge and encourage our employees to expand their qualifications, and we motivate them with the prospect of ever-improving career opportunities.

As a means of taking responsibility for our company and investing in the future, we are constantly training young people, and as such we offer a solid base framework for a future career.